Who has a totally modifiable time and sales??

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bungrider, Feb 10, 2003.

  1. I'd like to have a software program that has a totally customizable time and sales window, or even a way of doing this through excel.

    I'm talking about the ability to do math and stuff like that..

    Thanks in advance!!

  2. Ken_DTU


    i'd be interested in that too .. a couple of metrics I'd like to see added are:

    a) speed of transactions (to spot speed ups in the tape), eg "transactions per minute"

    b) some kind of gauge to see when avg transaction size is increasing vs decreasing..

    c) other volume/transaction speed type of indicators, would be very useful, to take a closer look at the tape

    there should be more accurate, sensitive tape tools out there, likely the big mm firms, solly goldman have that .. would be nice to find for retail traders as well..
  3. analysis paralisis would result in short order, and focus would have to be limited to one stock (full bore -- with all Level II, Volume, T&S, etc.), possibly two stocks maximum. One would not be able to see/use multiple stock quotes (full bore) with all that data on T&S, if it were available.

    one thing is for certain, that by having expressed the interest, some one's DA software will reflect these/those features...
  4. Ken_DTU


    that's a possibility.. if it could be integrated into an easy-to-read gauge/meter of some kind, that would help ..
  5. WECoyote


    I do not agree. What I and a lot of us do with watching TS and Lvl II is exactly what we are asking a machine to do. Our ability to watch and manage this has declined as the speed with which the levels now change has increased. To follow this mechanically would be a great advance as the speed of the markets has outpaced a humans ability to react.

    I for one would buy this capability.

  6. I would be interested in seeing these capabilities in a software package or add on to popular packages. I would like to see this in action.

    Agreed, we need the ability to automate all this information into some analytical form, so that the ability to trade will be more intuitive and less exhaustive.
  7. hmm...maybe this wouldn't be such a good thing after all.