Who has a phd in IB reporting? I NEED your help.

Discussion in 'IB Technical Issues' started by Relleum, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. Relleum


    Ok, it has come to that point in my trading career where id like to analyze the history of my trades, and also view the lifetime performance of my Interactive Brokers account. However, as anyone with IB would know, the reports are the most convoluted, unintuitive system to ever grace the interwebs. So I call upon all the IB wizards; the ones that have solved the reporting Rubik's cube that I am too ignorant to comprehend.

    Firstly, i'd like to determine the total amount of cash that i have ever put into my account, and compare it to the total value. My intention is to see the precise amount of money i've lost since the account opened.

    Then, I'd like to see on a monthly basis, the total liquidation value along with the sum of the deposits for that month. My intention is to see the monthly fluctuation of my total account value, adjusted for any deposits into the account that month. For instance, if the month ended with a liquidation value of 10,500 compared to the previous month value of 10,000 on the surface that looks like a $500 dollar gain for the month. But if i deposited 3k, well that would mean something completely different; I would have lost 2.5k.

    Finally, I would like to analyze the actual trades that have progressively destroyed my porfolio's worth. I'm not sure on how to even start this process, but I'm figuring the first step is to probably generate a massive data dump into excel, and take it many steps from there.

    Thanks for your help ahead of time. And more importantly, IB thanks you for putting up with the crappiest reports ever known to man.

  2. deaddog


    Go to account management
    View Statements for calander year
    Look under cash report.

    That will get you a year by year summary.