Who has a great system but no money to trade it for data

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  1. mitwave


    Who has a great system but no money to trade it for data? One who designed a great trading system, but had no money to trade it, I am now testing his system and making $500 a day on 300 shares. It seems with out live fund data no one will talk to you, I will. Do not reply on forum; they will bash you with negative post. That is what they do. Please email me I will test it.

  2. No, thanks. :)
  3. Buy low sell high.

    Plz send 10% of proceeds to my account in Nigeria where I am working on an inheritance investment. kthxbye
  4. Over on the online traders forum you are trying to raise
    money for your "AI" trading.


    Here you are offering money to trade.

    Which is it?

    Or are you just another forum troll?

    My money in on the latter.

    p.s. and why did it take you six years to complete your code?

    p.p.s. and why have you been testing your successful sytem for four years without trading it yet?
  5. Kevin
    Excellent detective work.
    OP, go sell that crap somewhere else.

  6. mitwave


    Dear Kevin
    I was trading a system that is not mine, The guy had no money to test it. After testing it he made me a partner. We are now seeking bigger partner.
    I have 70k IB account. that was good enough to test it now ready for next stage.
    He did not have to partner up with me, it was his choice.
    Now I am looking to help someone else.
    email me and i will give you his contact info. and you can see results.
  7. "Email me (anonymous ID), so I can harvest email addresses from potential traders, either for my own spamming benefit, or to resell to advertisers..."