Who got the lowest price broker for ER/ES/YM

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    I have been doing about 30 contracts per day for the past few months at $5 per round trip. Is there a better price out there for me? 30X5X260 = $39 K for the year, that seems like alot.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance,
  2. high 3's roundtrip retail without any special arrangement (106.R, seat lease, etc} is a good price for the quantity you are currently trading at. You should be able to save well over a dollar roundtrip {from your current level} if you call around and do some negotiating.

    give Transact a try, they have their own platform and trademaven as an option.
  3. transacts good but you have to do 366 rountrips a month to get there good rate. if you do 166 or less rountrips a month you're as well off with ib. 366 rountrips might not sound like alot but thats 18 a day. take a few one day hits don't trade a few days amonth and thats alot
  4. Open eCry...
    I trade much less than you and pay less than $4 RT all in. Nice platform w/no fees.
  5. yes but the thread originator is currently doing 600 r/t's a month so he qualifies for the better retail rate. also transact has exceptional reliability of the platform/quotes that has been lacking lately at IB --- what is that worth in itself.
  6. openecry is ok for starter; but for experienced traders, use velocityfutures. nothin beats x-trader pro, nothin.
  7. le140,
    We trade through Alaron. They started us at $5/round trip and work down from there when you show a trading history. Feel free to send a message to me if you'd like a specific contact.
  8. i fully agree with your recommendation --- for high volume trading this is the best way to go -- also xtrader has an api for automated system trading.
  9. alaron is ok but i was able to negotiate rates at other FCM's better then what alaron was able to do -- just please do not use jtrader or pats datafeed for your trading, that combination is inferior to other choices.
  10. I trade through Proactive, using the transact feed and the Trade Maven platform. Nothing better that I know of, except maybe X-trader.

    I'm small, so I pay $4.50 RT all fees included. Their commish goes down with more RTs, it's all listed right on their site. The clearing house they use is Alaron. Daily and monthly account statements sent right to my email. Any questions, just call them. The last time I called I talked with one of the principals.

    David Truffleman at Proactive has answered all my dumb questions, no matter how long it takes me to "get it"....lol


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