Who got arrested NOW?

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  1. the relatively unscathed Forex market finally gets its turn in scandals.
  2. whoa ! i have TWO guesses who the company is......

    anyone else ??

  3. It's getting to the point on the street it might be easier to indentify who "hasn't" been arrested.
  4. nkhoi


    russian connection?
  5. Reuters
    NY ICAP Brokers Arrested in Forex Case
    Tuesday November 18, 7:19 pm ET

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Three brokers at the inter-dealer brokerage ICAP (London:IAP.L - News) were arrested in New York on Tuesday in a case relating to the foreign exchange market, according to a source familiar with the matter.
    U.S. federal officials were in the process of arresting 48 people in connection with a foreign currency trading probe, the FBI said.

  6. That's Garban! One of the biggest firms in fixed income securities. Scary stuff.
  7. Cutten


    Yeah that's not small fry, they're a respected firm. Will be interesting to hear what the charges are.

    Funny how Bernie Ebbers is still walking around free though.
  8. swiss francs for doughnuts the charges will be laundering russian drug money..........14 year minimum for all involved as it appears the zionists are arranging payback for having their ball taken away in yukos et al by putin.....it's heating up.
  9. nkhoi


    interesting connection there
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