who gives free strategy runner?

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  1. What broker gives strategy runner for free when trading the emini?
  2. I think but not completely sure, Global Futures does.
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    No, they don't. They charge for it. .50 cents a round turn or $50.00 a month. Not free.
  4. No. They charge. Not free.
  5. Richard Kontra

    Richard Kontra Global Futures Exchange <br>& Trading Company

    If you are interested in SR for Free, send me an email, or call me.
  6. nice one salesman. there no sr for free. the decietful salesman will just jack your rate up to cover the s/r fee. he'll quote you $4.80-$5 r/t and say you get s/r for fee which is bullcrap because anyone can get $4 or so before the s/r charges
  7. Richard Kontra

    Richard Kontra Global Futures Exchange <br>& Trading Company

    Brandon, No one here is being deceitful, the only thing that I see is someone who has thinks he knows it all.
    Stop making false accusations.......
  8. what are the advantages of SR ?

    Does any of the systems deliver when trading live ?

    What if you trade your own strats , what does SR do for you that say TS doesn't do ?
  9. richard s/r is not free period so to say its free is wrong. if you show no charge for it it's built into the price period. i've talked with global many times and they've told me s/r charges for there software not global. RICHARD ARE YOU TELLING ME YOU CAN GET ME FREE S/R SOFTWARE WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED AND A $3.80-$4 R/T?
  10. I went around in this circle last week with a good friend that wanted to start trading a few lots.

    The thing with SR is that the process of trading a strategy automatically with them requires them coding it into on of their servers. My friend decided to wait a few more months and maybe do something with TS.
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