Who gets "wacked"

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  1. Sopranos season finale on this evening.

    Who gets "wacked?"
  2. My vote is for Johnny Sack, but interesting triangle between Carmine, Johnny Sack and Tony. Will Tony throw in with Johnny to split the spoils or go for the power play by hitting Carmine and Johnny?

    Perhaps Johnny will set Tony up to roll him under the bus. He definitely wants retribution for the wife joke. Another possibility, Tony rolls Johnny under the bus.

    Gotta wonder if Paulie doesn't get clipped. He better hope "Tone" doesn't find out about his recent transgressions in the loyalty department. Madone! Fuhgeddaboudit!
  3. Based on the end of last week, I wouldn't be surprised if Tony has Paulie knock off Johnny Sack after Johnny lied to him about Carmine.
  4. Hmm... good possibility. Paulie was definitely sucking up to Tony after he found out.
  5. i say whack the show itself

    maybe put on another discovery show or something of the like:D
  6. Hey, what about Adriana? Not quite the "rat" yet, but another one whose life would have a short expectancy if Tony finds out about the Feds talking to her.
  7. They haven't shown her enough in recent weeks. But on the other hand, things can develop quite quickly on this show, so good point.
  8. I think I read that the actors for Adriana, Meadow and TJ, held the show up for a big raise of 100 "large" up from 30 and that the producers cut their screen time.
  9. i will not ruin it for those on the west coast, but it was very hard hitting and very surprising.
  10. i don't watch this show, but i figured i'd check it out tonight for the hell of it.

    here's a real show:

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