Who gets all these fess and commissions?

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  1. In NASDAQ and the NYSE, I'm trying to figure out why these schmucks get paid on every single order, no matter how crappy a fill one gets or the fact that ,most of the time, they do absoultely nothing. They still get paid every friggin time. It sounds like the greatest gig in the world or the biggest scam on the planet.
  2. you're right, it's a scam. better to do away with them and go find someone to buy your 50 shares of CSCO downtown where you live.
  3. Theres no way this guy is a Marine currently or former he`s to stupid. Even the real 0311`s I knew look like Stephen Hawking compared to him.

    USMC 1990-1994
    2nd ANGLICO
    "lightning from the sky thunder from the sea"
  4. LOL

    USMC 1983-1987
    3rd Assault Amphibian Bn
    21 Area "Del Mar"
    "YAT YAS"



  5. Please tell me you're not that idiotic. You served 4 years in ANGLICO sipping coffee and pushing papers and you wanna talk some trash. Boy, you don't rate to shine my boots. FYI. My primary MOS was 1371 and my secondary was 0341, there dipshiit. Little punk ass bittches like you should have joined the Navy where you blow your bunkie. It bewilders me to this day why anyone would join the Marine Corps for anything other than a combat MOS. And please don't try to argue with me about how you punks at ANGLICO are combat marines.
  6. You know what, scratch that. I'm going to be at Quantico Aug. 5th through the 8th. If you really are a marine, please drop by Delta Company 4th LAR. I'm going to be there to send off one of my marines. So take your little admin pogue ass up there if you would like to chat. Ask for Captain Butler.
  7. First off I got out in 94 after a little incident called "Operation Restore Hope" in Mogadishu and Kismayu, Somalia. So I am not a Marine anymore...former. Second my primary was 2531 and secondary was 0861. I attended jump school in ft Benning GA where I received my wings and completed 65 jumps with ANGLICO. I was not a office pogue. I was with second brigade and we deployed frequently. I trained extensively with the British Royal Marines in plymouth England. I also trained and deployed with SEAL team 3 on board the USS Nashville. I also trained and deployed with Special forces groups and the 2nd Ranger battalion out of ft Bragg NC. I provided Naval and Marine close air support and gunfire for all of those mentioned above and many more. Delivering 9 line briefs to fighters while lasing tgts was my mission.....I had more ribbons and medals than my CO when I got out after 3 years with 2nd ANGLICO so don't tell me I was in an office.

    And after you read my post your should go back and spell check yours...at least you wont make such an ass out of yourself next time if you do that little task.

    Your a Captain huh...no wonder. All the skippers I knew really did sit behind a desk.
  8. just21


    There is a book you should read, " Where are the customers yachts?"

    Warren Buffett notes that wall street is the only place wher people driving rolls royce come to get advice from people who took the subway to work.
  9. LOL. sure you did. The only sitting behind the desk I did was during processing at MEPS. And yes I was prior enlisted. But that's a moot point. Just drop by Quantico and we'll chat. I would be more than happy to talk to you.
  10. My mama could whip both of ya... :)
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