who even daytrades Soybean Oil...pretty weak contract!

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  1. who even daytrades Soybean Oil...pretty weak contract!reasons to daytrade it are...please share...
  2. weak $6.00 per point value
  3. TheMan


    how many threads are you going to start today?

    i count 3 so far
  4. How many would you start if you were getting paid to start them like he is?
  5. You can trade the soybeans crush spread/ beans vs oil, beans vs meal, meal vs oil etc.
  6. yea, if you want to hold for 43 weeks...talkin daytradin here
  7. werent you supposed to stick to gold and nothing else? We see what u really are now. Do not bother ansking anymore questions, I would tell anyone not to bother answering at all and put him on ignore or complain.
  8. yes, you are exactly correct...all Gold coversation is to reserved for my journal...that is all my commitment was...to keep my journal talking about
    gold for the next week...please re-read that disclaimer again...
  9. Stop cheating yourself, Inow. Your commitment is supposed to be for YOU. Since you didn't have the discipline yourself, we intervened to make you focus.

    This nonsense you are pulling here, stating a 'techinicality' is complete and utter BS and you know it.


  10. seriously...can you not relax, chill and just enjoy this journey?...I've never been mean to you, put you down or anything...please, relax and enjoy...chill...:cool:
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