Who even cares so much about madoff??!! LOL

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  1. I dont get why everyone even gives a fuck about that madoff guy??!

    He scammed a load of people out of their money...., And so what??? :confused: :confused:

    People lost their money....

    Ok, why is that so huge?? People lose their money every single day trading!!
    They may not be ''scammed'' out of it, but at the end of the day it really doesnt matter how that money is lost, since if its lost and you then are starving and homeless its simply irrelevant how it went.

    Millions of little babies died painful deaths of starvation today.
    *No-one cares about that though or reports it on the news or talks about ''bailing them out''.

    People got attacked on the streets today by random gangs, probbaly a few hundred thousand people got robbed today, no-one even gives a toss about that.

    Yet a couple of people who are rich enough to have money to play with by putting it in a stockmarket fund, and who are too lazy to actually learn how to trade themselves...,
    lose about of their money.

    And everyone is crying and feeling sorry for them??? :eek: :confused:

    I personally just dont give a fuk about them.. lol

    Part of me even finds it mildly funny and amusing, since if you try and skimp out from putting in the hours and learning how to trade yourself, and instead think you can get a shortcut route to getting money for doing nothing,
    then what else do you expect to happen to you! :D :cool:
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    Send me all your money since you don't care about it.
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    well, i have to agree that financial literacy is incredibly important. there is talk about introducing it as a high school subject here in Canada.

    many,many people will see their fortunes wiped out in the not too distant future. i am not a pessimist, but, hey these are difficult times.

    many,many overinvested in housing....or, believe their pensions will be there.

    the reality is,most people would rather have someone else do it for them....can't blame them, but it is intellectual laziness, and lack of responsibility.

  4. LOL

    Nah i do care about my money...,
    thats why i do the work to earn that money, and then i get that money and keep it as my own money!

    i dont muck about giving my money to banks or firms that say they are going to suddenly start paying me a certain amount of money each month and all i have to do to get that is ''give them the honour of looking after my money for me''!! :D

    Ive been making 5% t 10% profit on my capital per day everyday for months n month n months now,
    and so would never ever give any of my cash to someone else! :p
  5. It sure looks like dollar holders care. Look at the Euro since the news break.

  6. i extremely doubt that the entire usa currency is crashing just because some bloke has scammed some other blokes into giving him their money!! :D

    Although ive used this dollar wekaness to my advantage, as i simply been making loads by buying oil lots over last week
  7. The currency isn’t crashing due to blokes scam only, it’s illness goes way back from here, as far as… say 1970’s decade, have you heard?