Who else offer low options commissions besides TOS or IB?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by tradrejoe, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. ThinkOrSwim and IB offer lower options commissions rates. But IB offers no service and TOS gave me a problem with funding the account that I have never even heard of before: I sent a wire through Bank Of America and after 2 weeks I had to recall the wire because it never got there. Maybe it's not TOS and hopefully I can recall the wire and get my money back.

    So if I continue have problem funding my TOS account, then who else offer a good combination of low options commission rates and service? Thanks.
  2. MBTrading I personally like them better than IB, but I may be in the minority on that.

    The bank obviously screwed up your wire or you put in the wrong information. I don't think that's a broker issue.

    Do you live in the US?
  3. Yes, I do live in the US, domestic wire. It seems that BofA sent the wire without TOS' bank account number. Never seen that before. Thanks and I'll check out your recommendation.
  4. E R

    E R

    I've been with eoption (www.eoption.com) for a while and am satisfied with what I use them for. Cheapest options prices (above a certain volume threshold) that I've seen around.

  5. Lightspeed's commissions are $.60/contract, $1 minimum, no ticket charge, no cancellation charges. I don't use them so can't speak about their quality.

  6. MB trading is great for options..I use them for my main options account. commission is .95 cents per contract

    I have an IRA account at Thinkorswim, they used to let you choose your commission structure..I picked 1.25 per contract with them..Sure it's more expensive than IB or MB Trading..However, with such a small amount that your allowed to contribute to an IRA on an annual basis, it really doesn't make to much of a difference..Plus you get decent tools, data, somewhat real-time quotes with thinkorswim.