Who else is hoping that Cyprus totally destroys every market today?? :D

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  1. Who else is hoping that whats happening in Cyprus totally destroys every the markets,
    anihilating the ridiculously elongated rally over the last 4months, and causing dow, dax, cac, ftse mib and everything else to crash 5-6% intraday??! :D :cool: :p
  2. lol, i wonder if this would be considered a "manufactured" crisis.
  3. Who cares?? :D

    And the beauty is that even when the Cyprus parliament rejects doing this when they vote on it today,
    the damage has already been done as there are going to start being runs on the banks in Spain, Italy and Greece over the next 48hours as everyone there withdraws all their money into cash.

    And so this wont actually be what happens,
    but yet they have given us this beautiful gift of announced the threat of it which will cause mass panic! :D :cool:

    When the Cypriot parliament reject this deal their banks are going to now go bankpupt since everyone in the country who watches the news is going to withdraw ALL of their money,
    and so Cyprus as a nation will go bankrupt, have to leave the euro, and try rebuilding its entire country.
  4. crisis shmisis!! The NA markets will yawn tomorrow. EUR/USD headed north.
  5. you missed my humor in my statement. :D
  6. trader99


    Apple's quarterly profit is equal to the GDP of Cyprus http://stks.co/t5gK

  7. This is no crisis.

    EURUSD has had all of a 40 pip range since the open.

    If it was a crisis, EURUSD would be 1.27 already...
  8. Daring


    They need to trap retail traders, give it time and you will see.
  9. are you serious?

    All of retail can be engulfed by 2% of institutional volume.

    "retail" doesn't matter.
  10. Daring


    You'll see 1.27.
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