who else is bearish on GS?

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  1. here is another view of gs showing resistance at its 50% mark. Some upside is still possible but there are more reasons to short.
  2. Yep. Both GS's and BIDU's charts are screaming "short me!" to me.

    The only problem is: stocks do the opposite of what I think they should. So that means both have a lot of upside left. LOL :)
  3. im bearish on amateur chart readers
  4. who else is bearish on GS?

    Are you serious?

    As evil as they are, I would never short that empire. Not even for the short term.

    Who cares what the chart says. At some point commom sense has to come into play.

    And as a disclaimer, I have a gamma scalp position on GS right now, and would love for a decline and a pop in IV. But I think it sucks for me right now, as I just don't see it happening.
  5. That is very sensible. It really is, I'm not being sarcastic.

    Which is exactly why I have a long-term GTZ bet on it, and if it doesn't work out, will keep rolling it over until it does.
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    I've a GTC offer for GS @ 250.70 with a stop @ 251.00 :D
  7. From my last two post little over a month ago, GS had done nothing but trade flat, and still the macd histogram is falling down to 0 line, and stochs and rsi are also near overbought levels. Price is trading sideways on the 200 sma and cant seem to break, on top of that we have a decrease in volume.

    I think a drop to 140 is reasonable and not asking too much

  8. Play the range 158-171.00 until they publish their Q2. Until then, I think no huge probability of a sell off.
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