Who else here finds the Faber report

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  1. to be useless?

    it is so pointless. all of the topics Faber mentions are already hours old so it is of no value yet CNBC presents it as some sort of breaking news or something. CNBC should save money by giving Faber a pinkslip and canceling that segment. Worthless.
  2. David's fall has been really sad to watch over the years. I agree now he is completely useless-- there was a bright mind there about 6 years ago in David and at that time they really should of created his own show for him. Alas, now he's just another burnt out shell of a reporter who no one listens to over at CNBC...
  3. It is of no value to an intraday trader or perhaps even a swing trader - true. But since when does CNBC (or anybody else) claim that they're for 'us' anyway?

    It's news as entertainment, pure and simple.

  4. same thing with Ron Insana...their jobs have been outsourced to pretty girls
  5. My friend is a really good bartender- old school the chat you up type-- he's been running into the same problem.

    What's with all these pretty girls taking all the jobs?
  6. you`re missing the big pic....it`s CNBC that`s useless.
  7. David jumped the shark with his wal-mart kiss ass piece and he followed that up with EBAY. Not good reporting- fluff pieces. If I ran CNBC I'd just take the Fast Money crew fire Dillan and break the other guys apart into two teams of two and team one team up with Joe K and one team up with David F. Mark could then retire. The gals can take midday to close.
  8. cnbc is useless. except for Liz

    Cramer is a turd
  9. If bullshit was hair, Cramer would look like Jimi Hendrix.

    The profits from his "Action Alerts Portfolio" of $143000 was given to charity, btw. So, I guess they'll be curing cancer any minute now.
  10. Typo! Profits from action Alert= $14.30 or $143.00 still running the numbers....
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