Who else got caught short in that squeeze?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Longhorns, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. That was vicious.
  2. rc5781


    it was beautiful....almost bought the near touch of the day's low....o well....
  3. Lol, I started shorting all sorts of stocks at 3:20 got out the last of them at 3:50. shorted some again at 3:55 and made back 40%. should have scaled out more when I was up. :(
  4. rc5781


    how can you tell if a run is due to covering by shorts, i'm thinking that's what this was....
  5. Chausey


    I have been holding QID for a few days, so that move was hero to zero in a matter of 13 minutes. The trend though has been strengthening accumulation in the short ETF's. The Nasdaq was plus 11 and the QID was positive and QLD (long) was barely green at that moment. Same goes for the S&P ultra short SDS, ended green .5% even though S&P ends 5pts higher. The bears are not giving up.
  6. From the smell of urine coming from traders pissing themselves trying to get out :D

  7. rc5781


    well i didn't smell any piss this afternoon so it must have been legitimate.....

    thanks man, that post is going to get me another 1 or 2 points a day....