Who else expects a correction this week?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Sergio77, Mar 1, 2015.

  1. Sergio77


    My most advanced and robust indicator based on my my "feel" of the market expects a correction this week. Anyone feels the same?

    P.S. "Feels" is the most advanced indicator
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  2. MadeMan


    my "intuition" tells me the "correction" is long overdue...

    ps. timing is a bitch
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  3. I learned long ago to avoid "expecting" anything. Just go with the flow.
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  4. MadeMan


    sounds like herd mentality

    the real question is , are u an active ? or reactive trader ?

    are u the cause ? or part of the effect ?

    if u aint got the money nor knowledge to be the "cause" u should at least , take notice, to swim with the sharks and grab some crumbs..
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  5. Cmoss


  6. xandman


    If anything, I think the market is winding up go parabolic.

    Skew, Technicals, QE relief.....
  7. I think 2121 would be a good place to sell since all the douche bags that push the big money around are obsessed with blackjack.
  8. xandman


    That would beat the longest business cycle in history, 1991-2001, which was an outlier.

    I think the next one can be long, like 1961-1970, if we get some hoped for inflation.

    At this point, I don't think Monetary policy or the markets can affect the business cycle anymore. (aka pushing on a string). But, business cycle sure can affect the latter.
  9. Buy1Sell2


    Please define correction.
  10. xandman


    Corrections are part of a bygone era. The market will only keep going up until it doesn't.
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