Who else beside IB does futures in Canada ?

Discussion in 'Interactive Brokers' started by rickbmb, Sep 12, 2007.

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    Is there another choice for Canadians to trade futures ?
  2. go with the us futuresfirms
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    What about MF global ? (formerly Man Financial)
    They are in Canada and fees are 5$/side for futures

    Anyone with them ?
  4. open e cry say they take canadians. except for BC
  5. The way I read and understand it, if you go with a US clearing firm, but your IB is in Canada you are protected by CIPF which is something I am considering doing. I presume this is why you want a Canadian broker right? Obviously check it out for yourself.

    I think it is criminal that CFTC would allow FCM's to keep their money at firm with a trading desk aka Sentinel Capital. Our segerated accounts should be truly be segregated, not comingled. Alot of us were under the belief our money was sitting at Harris Trust when our brokers were chasing higher yield.

    Back to your question. I spoke with Alt Capital, my friend has used them. They clear thru Dorman and offer Zen Fire with Ninja and CTS with dorman.
  6. $10 RT, are you kidding? That's highway robbery unless it's broker assist.
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    I know its high but the choices are limited in Canada. Being protected by CIPF is my #1 concern and thats why i'd like a canadian broker. I hear too many bad things about IB so i'm looking at other brokers.
    I'll look into Alt Capital.
  8. try ib first. There are alot of whiners about ib on these boards.

    IB is the greatest thing to happened to retail traders since ECN's.

    I've used em for 5 yr with no problems other than some disconnects(which havent happened in a long time).

  9. advantage futures is a good choice