Who else also thinks the CNBC Fast money

Discussion in 'Wall St. News' started by stock_trad3r, Sep 5, 2007.

  1. MBA challenge is stupid

    the winning team gets 200,000 but it is divided among 4 people

    so each winner gets 50,000

    then uncle sam takes 1/2 that away so the winner now only has $25,000, which is pretty lame.

    That may only pay for a single year of school.

    Also the questions are really pointless. its like "Who was the 2nd CEO ofmc donalds?"
    I dunno who gives a *&^@
  2. I thought the questions were on the easy side, and the students on the dim side. They didn't seem to know pretty basic things.
  3. 1. CNBC is great exposure

    2. Winning ths MBA Challenge would look great on a resume

    3. Of course the questions are going to be pointless--it's CNBC!
  4. A 200K prize whittled down to 25k does suck though.
  5. i thought the challenge was fun basically because the questions were easy and i can answer them. i actually don't see anything wrong with it and i am not a cnbc fan,i watch bloomberg.
  6. Do they get that $50k divided into annuity payments for the next 30 years? :D