Who doesn't expect us to go up again?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by marketcynic, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. I have been reading financial articles, watching Bubblevision, and getting a feel for traders' views and the majority seem to agree that we will go right back up after this pullback. And I think most people are expecting only a little pullback.

    I see a lot of hardcore economic bears but not too many hardcore stock market bears. Its almost as if most bears feel like liquidity from Banana Ben will hose them down so they don't bother shorting. The bears that I see seem like pansies, only willing to stay short for a couple of days and then bailing out looking to reshort higher. Sometime in November, I expect there to be a 8-10% correction, and very little bounce. That will surprise the bulls and only the hardcore bears will be left to reap the rewards.
  2. Too risky to short, The low hanging fruit was done.

    At any moment the FED could dump trillions more to push up asset prices.
  3. Referring to the original poster: Your comments are vague and can be posted by any Joe Sixpack. How about taking risk, putting your reputation on the line, and giving some hard numbers. Otherwise, you're just another one of those experts. Thank goodness I don't subscribe to any of you guys.
  4. I have on my blog, but I'm told I can't link it on this site...anyway. The basic message is to get bearish....
  5. Why do you have a blog? Are you expecting some form of compensation through payments or ad revenue?

    Only 13 posts and you wanted to spam it seems.
  6. I have no plans for compensation through payments or ad revenue. It helps my trading to put my thoughts in writing. You can look at my site, there are no ads. I also wanted to get some discussion going on my blog so I posted the link here. I won't put up the link any longer because I was told not to.
  7. From yesterday, I am glad I don't follow you...or maybe you can be a good contrarian indicator.
  8. Did the thread "Petsamo's Top Call" serve as a good contrarian indicator? Yes, I screwed up support, but I warned everyone that I'm an amateur, not an expert like you.

    I found your blog, it was easy.

    A suggestion for revenues would be to ask your followers (currently at zero) for donations. From the last head & shoulders pattern, I thought I would donate to all the experts I followed. Since it blew up on everybody by melting up ... again, I am thankful I don't subscribe to anyone.
  9. I have no intent and no interest in generating revenues from my site. I generate all my revenues from other sources. And I thought I was cynical!
  10. spinn


    based on your name you seem convicted to a down move, at some point we will get a bounce, it might be from here.........

    will you adjust when the market turns, be that 1 3 or five days, or years, from now
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