Who Does It Benefit?

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    Let's say the original TARP and bailout funds, what was the real purpose of them? They didn't help the unemployment rate. They didn't boost the real economy. But they did prop the stock market. Was this all a plan to allow the elite to exit the market at previous highs?

    Now, SnP has downgraded our debt. Who does this benefit? It seems it might benefit banks who could make more money from other spreads. Is this a message from the global elite bankers that they are no longer concerned about a US recovery?

    Who wins? Who losses? This will tell us the real story. Always a winner and a loser.

    Life Insurers May Face Downgrade

    Does this mean their bonds will go up in value or down?
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    S&P hasn't downgraded your debt. It has downgraded US government's debt. US government employs about 13% of US workforce (including 600, 000 postal workers). This action benefits those who are looking to invest their money and need to know the credit worthiness of those who offer bonds for sale. US or anybody else may chose, at their own expense, to ignore the requirements those credit agencies have.