Who does and who does not want peace in the Middle East

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  1. Senators slam lack of Arab support

    Close to 80 senators - including all those running for president -signed a letter calling for greater Arab support for the peace process ahead of the international conference the US is planning for November.

    "The success of such a meeting, and ultimately the peace process itself, will depend on the cooperation we receive from the larger Arab world, particularly from those Arab states with close relations with the United States who have not yet signed agreements with Israel," read the letter, in an apparent reference to Saudi Arabia. It was due to be sent to US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice later Tuesday.

    Israel has been pressing for Saudi representation at the meeting, which so far has no official list of invitees. A Saudi presence is seen as significant because of the legitimacy it would confer on the proceedings in the wider Arab community, as well as provide a boost to Israeli aspirations for normalized relations with its regional neighbors.

    The letter also calls for Arab countries to "recognize Israel's right to exist and not use such recognition as a bargaining chip for future Israeli concessions" and to "pressure Hamas to recognize Israel, reject terror and accept prior agreements, and isolate Hamas until it takes such steps."

    "The Saudi presence at the first meeting would be a critical impetus to the new process, but we are unlikely to know until the last minute whether the Saudis will indeed engage,"
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    Peace processes are bullshit. Israel could have had peace in the 1960's but the peace process was started up by the US. How about some Arab support for peace in Mogadishu?? Moslem war lords have wreaked havoc on millions of people there for more than a decade... 1000 contractors could have secured peace in Mogadishu anytime the "peace process" people had the political will... give me a break, elected officials want peace.. please... they can have it anytime they decide to get any conflict over once and for all...
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  4. Really, what are they going to do with peace? Start a civilization? Not like they are interested in publishing books, becoming artists or contribute to science or medicine.