Who Does a Man Vote for This Year?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by oldtime, Sep 28, 2012.

  1. I can't bring myself to vote for another republican, other than to piss off the democrats because they are so stupid

    Sometimes I think I will just vote a straight democrat ticket on the idea it must get worse before it gets better

    Sometimes I think I will just sit home and watch it on tv, but I hate to give up my right to bitch about the governmnet for the next two years

    Sometimes I think I will just vote for any third party candidate no matter if I agree or disagree

    the other idea is to just vote against the incumbant no matter who he is

    sometimes I think I will just vote straight republican because the democrats are such snobs

    everybody calls themselves an independent, but they usually have never voted in their whole life for a republican

    I voted for Jimmy Carter
    I voted for Ronald Reagan
    didn't vote for a long time
    voted for Bob Dole
    Voted for George Bush
    Voted for Jim Kerry
    Voted for Obama

    I'm about as independent as you can get, and I have no idea what to do Nov 4

    I'm pretty sure I'm going to vote for Gary Johnson for president, but after that I have no idea

    I might even just stay home and give up my right to bitch
  2. I find Jimmy Carter a great human being! I think he embodies the values of America and Americans, and has helped the outside see it. I wonder why you did not vote for him the second time.
  3. I think a substantial number of libertarians are voting for Gary, that is bad news for Romney unfortunately.
  4. I voted republican pretty much until after Bush 2 and the radicalization of the republican party happened. Now a lot of my votes are anti-republican although I do still hold out hope for Obama. The democrats in congress are for the most part dumbass but not as bad as their counterparts on the other side of the isle, IMO.
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    Vote out all the incumbents if you're not sure. It can't be any worse than it is now.
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    Brother Old, are you sure you voted for Jim Kerry?
  7. LEAPup


    Why are you going to waste a vote on Gary Johnson? He has zero shot at it, and it will only help ocommunist. I wanted Ron Paul, but Romney is our only shot at a real chance to survive.
  8. im voting gary too

    whether its obama or romney i dont care my GLD will still be goin up :D
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    Why waste a vote? This isn't common sense. Johnson has zero shot at it, and we need help getting rid of a true communist president who hates America!

    And voting with your gld in mind? Isn't the ocommunist entitlement camp voting for the very same reason?:confused:
  10. its a matter of principle

    I can't live with the fact I gave in to that herd mentality of we gotta vote for this guy so the other guy doesnt get elected. thats playing right into the hands of the elite.

    id rather waste my vote;

    maybe if everyone else wasted their vote I wouldn't have to be watching these retards on CNN and FOX
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