who do you trust ?

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  1. I know .... It is not me

    but ... of all the people quoted on the wires or even in their own websites

    whom do you trust the most for some knowledge of the markets you speculate in.

    ( even if they are talking their book or fading their own talk )

    and do you trust more those whom speak in T.A. or F.A. terms
    or global macro level ?

    ( I am talking all markets not just spoos or equities here )

  2. Redneck


    With utmost humility Sir

    Me, and no one else


  3. You have 5602 posts.

    I respect that.

    Trust is a term which gets to heart of everything, trading included.

    I have made my living trading for more than ten years on being a contrarian which means I operate more on skepticism than trust.
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    Amen RN! I learned this the hard way. I followed a few "gurus" who seemed to be in the "know." I quickly learned the only way to succeed in trading is absolute independence.

  5. I trust the price chart.
  6. Redneck


    All due respect Sir

    I don't - and because I don't - I use stops


  7. Imo, people read, listen and trust those who are most similiar to themselves. They enjoy the writing style and analysis they are comfortable with regardless if it is thorough or accurate, until they learn the hard way.

    Personally, I prefer to read anything I disagree with. I already own my viewpoints, I don't want confirmation I want challenge and thought provoking and to see the other side of the coin.

    Regarding t/a or f/a, while both are subjective, f/a has broader applications.
  8. You do raise a good point.
    But I gotta trust my eyes. If I can find my glasses.:D
  9. All due respect, you don't know your market well enough then.

  10. Redneck


    Teach me then - please

    What am I missing

    I distinctly remember 4Q 2008 well

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