who do you trade with??

Discussion in 'Trading' started by jpomerenke, Nov 7, 2002.

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    When I used to do long term trade, I found the people at Datek were pretty awful. Half of the time my trades were not posted and their advice was not good. But it sounds like you have a better firm.
    I guess with day trading that would be a little slow for me?
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  2. I was actually kidding.

    My signature was pure sarcasm...

    As much as I like a good pun, I realized I could get shaken down by ETrade lawyers for making those statements, which were just jokes.
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    Yeah, I am a little slow on the uptake:D
    Got any swamp land to sell me:D
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  4. I got some waterfront for sale in Kansas...they say the marlin are just jumping out of the water this time of year...:D
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    i'm not pushing watcher....i wouldn't even tell you guys where to find the platform

    who do you use? ameritrade?

    i'm justsaying watcher is beyond the uses of the traders here making 50K a year trading ETFs and other garbage....its too fast, too powerful and too dangerous for you all
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  7. please..........i take your sad ass cut and hide isld's allday long and stuff em up your asses at heartland and redwood....you stools pay way too much for the watcher garbage.....
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  8. soes_bandit.

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    do you know how much i pay??

    who do you trade with???

    you are just upset because you would never be let within 50 feet of a watcher terminal. only ivy league grads need apply.
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  9. soes_bandit.

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    you are so smart....doing a google search on watcher....but i don't trade at either of those places
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  10. Hammer

    Used Watcher it is good, but...........NOT THAT GOOD!
    #30     Nov 7, 2002