Who do you think offers the most competitive deals

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by peregrinecap, Aug 28, 2012.

  1. I am NOT based in the US, wouldn't mind taking an exam

    -Cy Trading
    -Golden Market
    -Global Market Trading
    -Affinity Trading
  2. I have non-US friends who have traded at Nevis Trading for a long time and are very happy there. They have the best reputation of all the firms you list.....at least the ones I have heard of....have never heard of Affinity or Wasserman. Also, I know they have very low rates and great customer service.

    Whatever firm you choose, make sure they are structured properly and not required to register as a BD. For example, CY Group has offices in LA and accepts US traders. They are the type of firm that the SEC has been shutting down. I would stay away from them. Even though you are not in the US, when they get shut down your money will be frozen and it will take over a year to get it back from the receiver...and you will only get a fraction of your money.

    Nevis and Global Market Trading specifically state that they do not accept US traders and are not located in the US. Not sure about others on the list.
  3. what happened to First North American Trading ? and Globus Trading?