Who do you guys talk to?

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  1. We all know that trading is a lonely game. So what do you guys do about it? My friends and family dont really care about the technical indicators market analysis I'm doing. Understandably to them it's all blah blah blah. In other lines of works when you figure something at the very least you have co workers to discuss it with.

    In trading, that's obviously not the case. So what do you guys do?
  2. Lucrum


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  4. Lucrum


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  7. Talking is over rated, but yeah......

    people talk too much.
  8. i talk to elitetrader
  9. Who would you talk to in a regular job? Some idiot across the way probably. Its better to be alone at times then have people to talk to...
  10. I have a friend who is a college student and he took 4 years of accounting in High School. So I can discuss this stuff with him and he is interested.

    Then my brother asks me investment advice, then when I tell him, it goes over his head.

    Other people could care less. They don't know how to balance their checkbook!

    You might want to take a class in investing and find friends there who would be interested.

    Or run an ad on craigslist.com personals looking for friends to talk about things of similar interest. However many people these days prefer to watch TV as opposed to talking, so don't count on many replies...
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