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    What compels us to believe claims of 3 times the daily range without ever having a loss from someone like Jack Hershey who has never traded in his life save a trading contest that he dropped out of early after losing 26%?

    We are all fairly savvy, intelligent gents.. or we'd be in another line of work.. so why do some of us switch off logic when a ridiculous carrot we know cant exist is waved under our noses?
  2. Never underestimate the power of self delusion when the ego or money is on the line
  3. Tums was a perfect example.. when questioned about his profitability he flat out lied and said he didn't use SCT.. and yet..


    Strange how we protect the ego.. even resorting to lies that would embarrass a 5 year old
  4. Looks like another Jack thread heading to Chit Chat soon. :p

  5. If we assume that both of you are genetic misfits, what would it take to insure that neither of you ever reproduce?

    Can you suggest a specific $ amount?

    I am pretty sure I can get something worked out for you both...
  6. Wasn't it you saying in another thread that the truly profitable traders don't post on ET anymore Steve?

    Err seen your post count lately :p
  7. Thanks for dropping in and chatting Mark.. would you like a scone with your tea?
  8. Sure.

    I'll pick it up in the chit chat thread. :p

  9. Yes, its under my name Einstein.

    and if you took a moment to read that previous post, you might see that what I actually said what that posts like yours are the reason why skilled professionals don't drop by more often..

    Thanks for helping me to re-emphasize that point.
  10. And don't forget to stop by the gift shop and buy a no Jacks T-shirt on your way out
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