Who do liberals hate more?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by peilthetraveler, Sep 15, 2012.

Who do liberals hate more?

  1. Islamic terrorists

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  2. Sarah Palin

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  1. If you go back and look at all the posts, liberals have posted more hate towards Sarah Palin than Islamic terrorists. In fact...I dont think a liberal has ever said one bad thing about American murdering Islamic terrorists.
  2. pspr


    That one's easy, Peil
  3. Peil needs a service. . . . so which lib is going to volunteer?
  4. why would anyone hate sara palin. she is just a goofy caricature of a white coservative religious wacko. she is a source of endless amusement. to hate her you would have to hate every person on a sitcom that plays the part of a moron.

    i have a better question. who do white christians hate more. a morman or a black man?
  5. Brass


    Seeing as how, just by being herself, she helped Obama win.
  6. 9-0 in favor of Palin. I don't think one liberal voted in this poll.

    I am quite certain that "liberals" as defined by Limbaugh, Coulter, Breitbart, et al. are creations in the minds of these demagogues, and the "liberal" stereotype siezed upon by some posters here is just a convenient target.

  7. So Islamic terrorists are less "religious wackos" than Sarah Palin? How come Islamic terrorists are not your source of amusement? Aren't they more "wacky" than Palin?
  8. Free Thinker was drawing the obvious dichotomy between Palin and Terrorists. To compare the two is obviously inane.
  9. Hey...:D

    Don't you watch family guy? They're always working on the hypothetical..

    I gotta fix the question for ya.

    "If you were a white christian homosexual - who would you rather have sex with - a morman or a black man?"