Who destroyed world economy?

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Who destroyed world economy?

  1. Giant Banks

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  2. Governments & politicians

    45 vote(s)
  3. Giant investment companies & Hedge & Mutual funds

    10 vote(s)
  4. Stock markets and Over-hyped real estates & commodities

    3 vote(s)
  5. Billionaire investors and industrialists

    2 vote(s)
  6. You (every people in the world)

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  1. talknet


    This is a Poll thread. Please vote your opinion.

    90% of $63 Trillion loss is owned by Giant banks and Giant investment companies, Mutual fund, Hedge funds. Where do they get their money from?

    The answer is "Worldwide people".

    Worldwide people deposit money with Banks and Banks trades "people's money" by giving loans to inefficent & worthless giant companies.

    Worldwide people deposit money with Hedge & Mutual funds & they collectively invest "people's money" in loss-making business such as Stocks, over-hyped real estates & commodities. People have no knowledge where their money is getting invested.

    ultimately worldwide people suffer loss of $63 Trillion and they are poorer by $63 Trillion.

    Then worldwide central banks or governments further invest $5 Trillion+ into "sinking world economy" to save worthless, inefficient giant companies and banks without any business brains.

    In the end, worldwide central banks also become bankrupt.

    What is the moral of this story?
  2. talknet


    Explanation for Poll options.

    1) Giant Banks-: Provided Trillions of dollars loans to worthless giant companies who do not have business brains. Further giant banks invested billions into Stocks & over-hyped real estates & commodities.

    2) Governments & politicians-: They did not see future inspite of having 100% control over laws. Further they invested $5 Trillion+ into "sinking world economy" to save bankrupt giant companies with no sales future.

    3) Giant investment companies & Hedge & Mutaul funds-: Invested Trillions into Stocks & over-hyped real estates & commodities and they continue to promote these loss-making business. They are creating Multi-billion Ponzi schemes.

    4) Stock markets and Over-hyped real estates & commodities-: Everybody knows about these two areas. Nothing to write.

    5) Billionaire investors and industrialists-: Billionaire investors are one of the root cause of stocks & real estate price reaching sky-high. Billionaire industrialists are the Biggest Dreamers of world development & demand. They think they are visionaries and they can see future. But the fact is nobody can see future.

    6) You (every people in the world)-: Worldwide people know what stupidity goes on in Stock markets & over-hyped real estates. But people keep quiet like dumb animals. If law is too weak to take timely actions then people should take their own actions and defend their own wealth.

    Dumb animals are better than dumb people because animals always aggressively defend their food & territory.
  3. You left out the Anti-christ 666.
  4. Rating Agencies....

    Properly labeled....nobody would have bought them....

    People bought what was marked "filet mignon"...

    But it was really "mule"....

    Looked like filet...though....

    And just so everyone feels better....

    The SAME Rating Agencies are doing more business today than ever.....and may get bailout money as well....

    JUSTICE anyone ?
  5. The world economy is destroyed?

    Plenty of people making a lot of money right now.

    I doubt the "world economy" is "Destroyed".

    Slowdown, depression maybe. But "Destroyed", not.

    Man, what the hell do most of you do for a living, coming up with this shit?

    7 trillion was lost but how much was made during the boom?
  6. talknet


    Wal-Mart is worth $250 Billion and $60 Trillion = $60,000 Billions.

    Now 60,000/250 = 240. So $60 Trillion = 240 Wal-Mart companies.

    This means loss of $60 Trillion has shut down 240 Wal-Mart companies in the world.

    Wal-Mart has 2,055,000 employees.

    Now 2,055,000 x 240 = 493200000

    This means 493 million jobs have been lost worldwide because of $60 Trillion loss from commodities, stocks, bonds, real estate. This is DEFINATELY beyond rescue.

  7. Sure, its beyond rescue. But is it "Destruction" of the world economy. NO

    Nobody should rescue the "world economy". It should be left alone and let the chips fall where they may.
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    Everybody, this is a Poll thread. Please vote your opinion. See above.
  9. x2012


    its only Jan 8th, and you may have just made the dumbest post of 2009.
  10. talknet


    Everybody looks at Job data released by government. But nobody thinks of job-loss which can be equated with $60 Trillion loss.

    Regarding 8th Jan, nobody knows whether the world will see December 31, 2009 because after the great depression of 1929 Germany dragged the whole world to World War II.
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