who deleted the girlfriend/wife thread?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by FRuiTY PeBBLe, May 22, 2003.

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    get a recipe for fruitcakes, you got way too much idle baking time on your hands. find some currants and pecans or something :-\
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  2. I think Babak's on the record as having said something to the effect that Chit Chat, contrary to popular belief, isn't somewhere you can post any old drivel; that, I guess by his estimate, the thread needs to have at least a pretension of substance behind it.

    The ET description under "Community Lounge" says: "Yes, there is more to life than trading! Drop in here to discuss things like politics, religion, cars, etc."

    "Things like politics, religion, cars etc". Well, we'd all agree that those are definitely topics that are of some significance to people. I would have thought then that a thread about girlfriends would be quite permissible under those guidelines.

    I didn't see the thread in question, but if it only consisted of pictures of naked women then I'm not sure it could be called a "discussion"; and, under those circumstances Babak was probably right to delete it.

    But, as has been said, for Babak to then go and start a thread fawning over a girl he finds attractive is about as big a double-standard as you're likely to find.

    And yeah, I notice Babak is mysteriously silent. You'd think he'd have noticed this thread by now -- afterall, what good is an ET moderator that doesn't read ET? -- so we can assume he's got something to hide.
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  3. lol..that's funny coming from you, dude.
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  4. puhh leeze..... have fun defining that standard in the chit chat forum..
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  5. thank you........yes....good points

    fruity wins....
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  6. remember fruity, it was someone else who 1st pointed out babaks dreams/illusions of grandeur.

    he's a canadian. A U.S. wannabee.

    He has no life, no girls, so he writes a thread on girls he fantasizes about. He's probably a mr. market lookalike.

    When you have such little clout in the real world, you take your licks when you can. And he gets his jollies, from censoring a message board. I would not be surprised if he spanked his monkey while he hits the "delete" button.

    Of course babak would have responded to this, if he had any case whatsoever. He doesn't.

    He can't even predict the market. His "journal" is the funniest thing I've read. He's been crying sell for well over a month, even as the market continued to go against him. And he finally turned neutral (as I predicted) at 950 S&P. And when he turned neutral, the market dropped. Then he went bearish again, and the market has risen since. Loooooser!

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    I'm not feeling the love here for Babak...
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    Babak's name backwards is kebab. He's used to being skewered and roasted over the coals.
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