who deleted the girlfriend/wife thread?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by FRuiTY PeBBLe, May 22, 2003.

  1. i notice it is mysteriously missing from chit chat.

    if baron deleted it...it's his site, so i will shut up.

    if babak deleted it...babak, you are an anus.

  2. LMAO...
  3. Speculator1929

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    Who is this anus person?
  4. Baron

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    I remember moving it from Trading into chit chat last night, but I didn't delete it.
  5. I just looked; I can't find it. Maybe it was mistakenly deleted...

    I agree with FRuiTY, censorship's not cool, but it's a free country, and if the owners of the site want to kill all inappropriate content, that's their prerogative. If he has the power, there are a few posters Babak should kill as well (uhhh, you know what I mean). :p

    I think more important than deleting threads entirely is promptly putting them into ChitChat if they're obviously posted in the wrong place. It was really noticeable during the Iraq Invasion - "How will evil Saddam's hoard of WMDs affect AOL stock?" and "Will the fact that the wussy gay Democrats hate freedom and want to destroy America move the markets?" Maybe there should be a politics section, you could name it "Our Evil Overlords". :D Then people wouldn't have to stretch to make their offtopic posts seem like legitimate trading questions. My vote (which, like in the elections, doesn't count), is that all content should be kept online if possible. There are many scientists studying this site trying to understand the trader's psyche, and all these posts (especially ChitChat) give insight into our twisted little subculture. Also, much of the evidence collected here can be used to ban trading altogether in the future as the addiction of the obscenely mentally ill.

    And for FRuiTY and his lovely female friends, maybe the powers that be can make a new section: "The Cesspool", where over-hormoned, macho, bring me your freeking meats and cheeses guys can go and blow off some steam with others of their kind after a hard day's trading. Oh, and not just their own kind, but the opposite sex as well. Slap a warning sticker on it so Father O'Flanagan doesn't burn his eyeballs out while he's here looking for 401k info.

    That might sound like I'm inviting off-topic posts, (which I don't want, there's enough already) but I always found the best tips were acquired from hanging around the WaterCooler, I'd hate to see anything of value disappear because some teenybopper posts his dream girl pic...
  6. is umpiring home plate in the world series. No, wake up, it's just a message board, and there's a category called "chit chat" here, where people engage in chit chat. also, this is the U.S. and what you're doing is not enabling free speech, within decency.

    come back to earth, please!

  7. oh no..make no mistake...it was no mistake. Babak has a history of being trigger happy. imo, he has a major flaw as a moderator. he just can't leave things alone. any time there is something remotely questionable in chit chat, he probably gets all excited and deletes it.

    the best argument i have is that baron even saw it and moved it to chit chat. as i said previously, i would shut up if baron deleted it; it's his site. babak, what do you have to say about that? i notice you are absent from this thread and it directly relates to you. don't you think baron would have deleted it if he thought it was something that needed to be deleted?

    it's also funny how babak deletes MY chick thread, THEN THE VERY NEXT DAY, HE STARTS A CHICK THREAD ABOUT THAT GIRL THAT'S DOING A CHAT NEXT WEEK! hahaha (hypocrite!)

    the bottom line here is, CENSORSHIP SUCKS! i have no problem at all with disruptive posts getting deleted. same goes for spam posts, etc. but if there is something harmless in chit chat, JUST LEAVE IT BE, BABAK!

    i have one more point to make. MAYBE, a person clicked on "kill" because they're very conservative and don't like looking at suggestive pictures of women (i feel bad for you). babak, if this was the case, you don't just go and delete it because ONE PERSON complained! if 20 of us guys thought the thread was funny and didn't complain, you don't delete it because 1 person is offended! too bad for that 1 person! they don't have to click on the thread any more!

    well i know any logical person will agree with me here.....so i'm done babbling the obvious to BABAK.

  8. yes, yes!
  9. I can see everyone getting rowled up if it was free speech concerning your right to picket a company that killed your family with a bad tire or demonstrating your right to free speech because you feel adamantly about something.

    However, it was just a thread about chicks -- its not going to cause the Earth to stop spinning!

    Pick your battles wisely!!! If you're upset, start another thread. Sooner or later the moderator will either grow tired of deleting the same thread or your account will get deleted. If that happens, just pull a Vinny / SuperEgo / Longshot / ad infinitum.

  10. get a life fruitcake, you got way too much idle time on your hands. find a cure for cancer or something :-/
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