who decides the prices the futures ?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by ADX_trader, Sep 18, 2002.

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  3. I believe he is referring to the Plunge Protection Team (PPT).
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  4. Send me a message before you buy or sell so I can do it first, then.

    Thanks a bunch Milton.
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  5. OK ...
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  7. What a load of crap. Everyone knows that Waxie FREAKIN' RULES THE MARKET!!!!!!!
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  8. well, yeah...waxie's the little man behind the wall at the merc.

    kind of like dr evil. it's him that the members of the PPT are assembled against. we swore an oath to take him down no matter what.

    we've linked all arms of the govt - IRS, FBI, DOT, SSA, DOA, DEA, etc. - and using our network of high-powered computers and satellite links - we will shake him down someday.
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  9. of course, we could just knock down the wall, but that wouldn't cost enough.
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  10. Obviously nobody knows on this board, and I am not claiming to have the answer, but I do have a theory. I do know that the locals in the pits that trade the big S&P contract can not significantly move the market by themselves. They don't have that kind of buying power. It takes billions, and sometimes the big boys on Wall Street can't even do it.

    So what moves the market? My theory is price moves the market. I am more convinced than ever price is just going to do what it wants. Sure buying and selling as well as economic news can accelerate the moves.

    I trade Gann, and it flat out amazes me how price turns TO THE TICK of predetermined lines and diagonals I draw. It happens all day long, and has happened today about 5 times already. This isn't the traditional Gann crap of drawing Gann squares, which incidentally are computed using incorrect math in virtually all charting programs. That is how I pick up 10 ES points a day (actually it is more, but still no one would believe me). I have said this many times before, but you need to have an expectation of where price is headed. If you don't have an expectation, how in the Hell can you trade?
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