Who Dat Saints

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  1. They were going to have a better party either way. Money shot of Brees with his kid; precious.
  2. Indiana sucks.
  3. That onside kick by the Saints was even stupider than not taking that field goal for 3 in first half. If they didn't recover, and most onside kicks are not, Peyton & Co were going in for 7 easy from Saints 40, and would be up 17 to 6 a few minutes into 2nd half. GAME OVER! That onside was not "aggressive" it was plain ol'STUPID!
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    So stupid that it worked, huh?

    Face it, as good as your boy is, the better team won. I told you the Saints would win and and I made it very clear that Brees is the iceman. Indy was also out-coached.
  5. It was stupid period. For the reasons I gave. Did you see Payton's face after they couldn't push it thru for the TD in first half? douchebag. Shows how desperate the Saints were coming into the 2nd half.
  6. Finally someone says it!

    Indy was soooo outcoached, it was ridiculous.
  7. the better Q-back by far lost. MVP
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    Brees - 2
    Manning - 1

    Brees - 0
    Manning - 1

    Brees - 114.5
    Manning - 88.5

    Give it up already.
  9. ....and the VIKES had the Saints in the 4th quarter right where they needed them before a turnover killed the drive. The 5 yard "12 men on the field" penalty with a 51 yrd field goal possibility really screwed up the Vikings drive on a third down play setting up.

    Well, I was glad to see the Saints get the win.....nice to see that city having some fun today.....congrats! :cool:
  10. Looks like the better quarterback definitely won.
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