Who conned congress in the late 90's to go for increased Credit Default Swaps?

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  1. History lesson "Question of the Month"......just take a guess at who lobbied congress HARD to go for increased Credit Default Swap activity (HINT......globalist wealth entity puppet)???
  2. That's complete bullshit. The problem comes from going from 7:1 leverage to 40:1 leverage. Who did this? The very names who have made headlines, the republicans, Hank Paulson.

    There is $14T in mortgages and $165T in paper on those mortgages.

    Hank Paulson as CEO of GS built the model for that gas can and the others followed after seeing how much his greedy ass was earning.

    Fannie & Freddie WERE GSE's, then taken public, then re-GSE'd under Bush & Paulson's socializing of Wall Street losses.

    I would guess OP is one of the people sending around the spam saying "Look, everything was fine until we got a Democrat majority in Congress..."
  3. I like Ron Paul as well; he thinks outside the box and is not afraid to let his opinion known. It's too bad he did not make it farther in the election.

    I read the article you cited; I don't believe much or any of what I read.

    Is the Federal Reserve innocent in this mess? Absolutely not. And neither is Treasury. Nor Bush.
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    well the first 5mins was ok but then blame it on obama propaganda came in...note the "forced banks to become predatory lenders".Total crap.Amazing how there is no mention of the repeal of the glass-steagall act.I assume the rest of this vid is full of omissions to benefit the bias of the video.You tube is full of wannabe film directors.
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    There are plenty of blame to go around.

    65 Trillion of CDS with no reserve to back them up is one of the main problem if not the worse.
  6. I'm sure much of the propaganda on Youtube is coming from campaign workers. Just like the spam e-mail. That stuff can't be coming from objective persons with no interest.
  7. The meat and potatoes of the article can be easily verified through several hours of independent research.....the article is very accurate.
  8. Greenspan lent credence to the lobbyists but it was the congressmen themselves who were in favor of the deregulation. No con was involved except maybe on the American people.
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