Who Chick-fil-a supports

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  1. While the fag lovers in Chicago have been claiming a victory and trying to get everyone to believe chick-fil-a changed their mind about who they give money to, here is a statement from chick-fil-a about who they have been giving their money to all this time. Chick fil a hasnt "stopped" giving money to any groups because of chicago. They do not let their hand get forced like that, but Chicago and the fag lovers want to defame the chick-fil-a name and make it sound like they got chick-fil-a to do something, but they didnt.

    Chick fil came out with this statement of who they give to.

  2. who cares... it's a mediocre (at best) chicken sam-ich. there was a time way back when KFC had a chicken sam-ich. It was the bomb-diggity.
  3. Is this a turf battle for you? I mean are you dissing the Chicago fags lovers because you feel the fag lovers of your city are superior?

    But seriously..

    How does supporting gay marriage make one a fag lover? In fact, most of us believe in equal rights for all groups and we can subscribe to and support the notion of equal rights without loving the different subgroups of the general populace for whom rights are equipotent with our own subgroup. Some of us just can't though. That's why it's good that we can't act on our baser instincts with impunity.

    For example, If I - a member of the Libtards - had the power to strip civil rights from all lame brained parochial minded bigots,
    that could possibly put you in a precarious and vulnerable position. That would not be a good thing for you, or society as a whole.

    I think you are equal - in the eyes of the law and any higher power - to the Chicago fags and thier lovers.
  4. “If I am right, then [religious fundamentalists] will not go to Heaven, because there is no Heaven. If THEY are right, then they will not go to Heaven, because they are hypocrites.”--Isaac Asimov.
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    Who the fuck is Isaac Asimov? And why do you keep quoting him?
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    I think he is some science fiction writer. But, if he made that statement he doesn't know shit.
  7. He was quite famous for his science fiction but I never read any of it. I read his science books which were quite good. And contrary to what FT would have you believe if I remember correctly his astronomy books mathematically pooh poohed the creation of "life " by random processes .

    He died in 1992 from complications of AIDS (contracted by blood transfusion)
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    I haven't read any science fiction since I was in Jr High.
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    He is wrong on both counts.

    :cool: Straight is the gate...:cool:

  10. Gays do have equal rights. They have the same right you and I have to marry someone of the opposite sex. When they want to marry someone of the same sex, you are not talking about equal rights. You are talking about special rights.
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