who cares about jobs?

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  1. The jobs report came out this morning, it was terrible, rates have dropped in response, the market has rallied and I'm sure all the Dem's will be out accusing the administration of presiding over the worst economy in 275 years.

    My question: other than people who are out of work and can't find a job, who cares?

    Do you care? You? You? Would you rather have your mortgage rate at 12 % and everyone have a job? Would you like to be paying 75% of your income in taxes so the government could pretend to give jobs to people who would pretend to work? Would that make you feel better?

    Let's face some facts. If we have 5% unemployment, that means we have 95% employed. A lot of those unemployed won't vote anyway. Interest rates are at 75 year lows. Housing has never been more affordable. Consumers are crowding the malls and can't get enough of cheap goods from china. Go out to dinner in any big city and see if every decent restaurant isn't filled every night. Japanese car sales are setting records, and people willingly pay the equivalent of a down payment on a nice house to buy overpriced german cars.

    Bottom line, I don't see the Dem's getting mcuh traction on the economic issue, unless the Republicans panic and somehow give it credence. But it is crucial for Bush to take the no new taxes pledge. Let Kerry explain why high taxes are a good thing. The only Democrat who has been elected in the past 30 years lied through his teeth and promised a tax cut.
  2. I must point out, many of those 95% who have jobs, are stuck in unhappy employment situations, and wish they had better prospects open to them.
  3. You are in deep denial.

    It is the PERCEPTION that there will be jobs in the future that people vote on.

    If they don't see job growth and a robust economy with all the tax cuts, low rates, etc., that doesn't create consumer confidence to spend.

    Ever hear of negative spirals?

  4. If you can't see the relevance of the continued crummy job "growth" . . . Hello???

    Where do you think the recovery is?
    Where is the "trickle-down" impact of all the tax cuts?

    What do you think is gonna happen if GDP has burst it's latest uptick over the past several quarters and comes back down to 2%?

    Which way do you think the unemployment rate will go then?
  5. AAA!!!:D

    Me thinks I gotta agree with ART.

    It's time for you, heck for most of us if not all, to take off the partisan colored glasses and think like an American first.:cool:

    Dudya and cabal has screwed up both our party and the country.:(

    tax cuts trickle down effect??:confused: :confused:

    ok let's look at few simple numbers THAT ALL CAN RELATE (if my numbers are off base please correct me)

    avg Joe stupid sixapack family got 300$

    avg household has 1.7 cars
    driving 15,000 per year
    at 22 mpg

    gasoline cost up 1 dollar/gal (thanks to oil cabal in office and a nice fraud for war)

    now: 1.7x15,000/22=1159galons of gas per year

    that is an added burden of over 1000$ per family. just for gas

    have you checked your Realestate taxes, state taxes, sales taxes? last time I checked we pay with real $$$ and not inflated house equity for those.

    Have you checked the oil companies revenues lately???

    WHAT TAX CUT FOR THE PEOPLE???? More jobless means more burden to the ones who work.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WAKE UP A$$HOLES:( :(
  6. Thanks for setting us all straight!

    You are the BEST!!!

  7. Now up to $2.35 per gallon.

  8. You da man!:D

    I used only 1 dollar increase to make it easier for the "math challenged"....:cool:

    lololol Oil cos where minting coin at crude mid teens few years back........... think how much they are making now...with Iraq control cost to produce has fallen from high single digits to low (per Chevron CEO if I recall correctly form the cnbc interview) HOWEVER price delivery to retail consumer has more than doubled..


    They wouldn't have it any other way.:D :D

    Long live the mushrooms:eek:
  9. Pabst


    Compared to 2002, let alone to 1992, I hear very little bitching about the economy. Not to say that people are PUMPED, seldom is anyone really truly happy about their lot in life. Yet I don't see the economy being a traction issue with Kerry. I implore you guys who think Bush is a loser to bet on Kerry. You'll all get 3-1 odds. I want to see ART and NVS and RS7 get rich. Fuck this declining VIX. 3-1 guys!!! You can't do that on puts! You're all obviously great political/social pundits. Get paid for your observations!!!!:D
  10. Pabst


    Gasoline was the most ridiculously under priced commodity in the world for too long. Dig under some sand in Arabia. Ship it across the world to a refinery. Crack it. Un lead it. Transport it to a filling station and a gallon of the stuff costs less than a super sized Coca-Cola. Amazing.

    BESIDES, convert the $ cost of gas into Euro's and the price isn't hardly up at all.

    I find it humorous that the same folks who preach about cutting our dependance on foreign oil are the first ones whining that prices are up. My definition of a liberal is someone who wants their cake and to eat it do. Especially if it's someone else's cake. Life should be so easy.
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