Who can vote on a thread?

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by Bolimomo, Apr 28, 2011.

  1. I tried to rate some threads. While the forum software seemed to accept my submission on the vote, my vote never showed up on the thread targeted.

    Who can rate a thread? Only moderators? Or does a vote needs to go through moderator screening?

    Are there voting class membership and non-voting class membership on ET?
  2. Same problem with my account. My vote does not show up.

    Also I think the "total views" displayed for thread are less. There is some software problem.
  3. byteme


    There needs to be a minimum number of people that rate a thread before the rating shows up....something like 5 different people (read: aliases) need to rate a thread before you will see it.

    Moderators will confirm/deny.
  4. Joe


    Yes, there is a rule/requirement needed to vote on a thread. Feel free to post your vote it should show shortly as others do the same.
  5. Baron

    Baron ET Founder

    Correct, there is a minimum number of votes required for the average to be shown, which is why your vote is accepted, but not shown if you're one of the first several votes. This keeps idiots from giving out nothing but one star votes on every new thread and having those ratings appear instantly on the site.
  6. Thanks for the explanations. That seems fair.

    The only caution is members who are not familiar with the rules may feel frustrated not seeing vote results ("don't think they care") and will never rate a thread again.

    May be a 1-liner explanation that the result will not be seen until there are other members rating on the thread. (I don't recall seeing such... maybe I had missed it.)