who can tell me whats the effect of "MACD"

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by Lynn_cn, Apr 18, 2008.

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    i can understand that.. thx .
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  4. Like any other technical indicator, MACD does not have any "effect". It's the other way around: when the market moves, it affects the indicators. In other words, the market doesn't look at MACD to figure out where it wants to move next. Instead, MACD records where the market is. More specifically, MACD is positive when the short term average is above the long term average and is negative otherwise.
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    thx very much
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  7. I find MACD is more useful in time chart than in tick or volume chart

    the MACD cross the zero line regularly in time chart

    but it cross the zero line unregularly in tick chart

    you do not know where the price will go in tick chart
  8. MACD can be used if you limit your loss and let the win run

    but as soon as you figure that, you'll throw away MACD

    some guys have custom made indics and they ain't for ya to see or use
  9. the momentum increases or decreases so rapidly in tick chart

    it it hard to grasp it
  10. the momentum increases or decreases so rapidly in tick chart

    it it hard to grasp it
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