Who can technically analyze these? Have fun!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Nana Trader, Dec 30, 2002.

  1. If you are not good enough at technical, then don't bother.

    You have to get 15 right answer out of 16 question, in order
    to qualify as an expert technical analist.
    I am sure your wives will do better than you do, here.


    I wish all my fellow traders happy year ending and best of trades.
    have fun :)

    :mad: hey, i'm not one of them, Baron
  2. I got 11 out of 16 correct. I'm in deep shit if I have too much too drink at the wrong bar!
  3. Now i am convinced that i am, as intelligent or
    more intelligent that an elite member to make
    it in trading business.
    I think you need a new year trip to brazil, aphie :):D
  4. Hey man, don't use me as a guage for your market success -- because intelligence has NOTHING to do with market success. The correlation is probably below .20, which would make it virtually worthless.

    One of my biggest fears would be to go home with a chick and have her drop her pants and expose a shlong. Oh my ...
  5. I am sure some people would 'rise' to such a challenge :)
  6. 15 out of 16... piece of cake. Real life you wanna check for the adams apple... and if you really want to make sure, just do a nut check.
  7. what if it's bigger??? That could really cause some psychological issues.
  8. Yeah and then her (his) dad walks in and says, "Oh great, another threesome!"
  9. that's sick... lol. There's this former co-worker of mine... he went where all the prostitutes are at. Let's just say he thought it was a girl at first before he received oral pleasure :D
  10. bobcathy1

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    Here's a weird question.

    What if you went out with this really fun girl, had some hot times and then find out "she" used to be "he" before some major surgery.

    Would you keep dating her and hope no one else found out?
    Drop her like a hot potato?
    Get really angry?
    Think it was cool?

    One of my clients had a gender change and looks good enough to pass for a female. No way to tell unless she told you.

    I was wondering what guys thought?
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