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  1. My partner and I have been in the process of programming a trading site for the past four months which will be something like Finviz.com (on a smaller scale). We have been reviewing several domains we have picked and do not care much for either of them and the ones we do like are already taken. We have spent 4 months now over this domain decision and had enough! We have decided it would be best to keep our options open and let the public (elitetraders) pick our domain name.

    We will pay $250 via PayPal/Wire Transfer/Check to the person who picks the best domain for our website. We know this is not a lot of money but it's quick cash for the right person who could use it and we will pay you instantly. Just to make sure there is no sneaky business we will have no problem providing you with whatever info you feel is essential to making this a smooth transaction for you.

    Objective: If you were to rename finviz.com what would you call it?

    -Must be a (.com) name
    -Domain must be available

    Any questions just let us know and good luck.

    (elite please do not delete this post as our site is not competition and does not offer any services your site does) Thanks
  2. 1st submission received. Thank you
  3. pspr - close to around what we are looking for (will have to think about these)
    TheMan - sorry
    Fishaman - sorry

    keep in mind there will be "jobs" as well would like to keep the domain business savy.
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    If you send him a domain suggestion he likes, register it for $10 and sell it to him for $500.
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    finviz's name is awful, because no one can ever remember it.

    Make it something memorable like titsandtrading.com




  6. lol had to laugh that's pretty funny. Sorry everyone nothing of interest grabbing our attention yet although there were some decent ones and we appreciate the input so far.

    Still excepting submissions

  7. So juvenile yet so damn funny. :D
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    Oops! Google Chrome could not find trading4money.com
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