Who can lose $1,000,000 in 3 months?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by granville, Aug 28, 2006.

  1. This has to be just as hard as making it right?

    Let's say you start with $1M and work your way down with as few equity highs as possible - a nice smooth decline in equity.
  2. Nattdog


    the steady decline in equity over months of trading is typically do to transaction costs.

    in conclusion: it is much easier to lose 1million than to make it.
  3. It isn't easier. IT IS EASY AS HELL. Any monkey can lose money. Making and losing money isn't a black & white issue as most people like to believe. There are a trillion ways to lose money, while any fundamentally solid money making method can essentially be broken down to just 1 simple method.
  4. I bet you $100, that if you give me a million bucks I can lose it in 24 hours...how´s that for a bet?
  5. You can lose a ton of money really easy, just "provide liquidity" on the wrong side of a major news announcement.
  6. How about you give me $10, and I'll give you a reading comprehension book? How is that for a deal?
  7. This is POSSIBLE...
  8. what kind of book, Dr Seuss?
  9. Just hit the bid and offer a few times on any market.
  10. yeah, you could piss off 1MM bucks in one hour... now there´s a challenge...

    Now if you say pissing off a million bucks without generating an uptick nor a downtick, using only limit orders and adding liuquidity to the markets, then that´s a different story, is probably going to take you a lot longer to get it done.
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