Who can I replace Lightspeed with?

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  1. I want to trade USA leveraged ETF's from Japan, like FAS.

    I was trading with Lightspeed, but had a really bad experience. Their client crashes for me on most market openings, and sometimes during other busy times. Their tech support consisted of trying to find ways to put the blame elsewhere.

    For example, their crashlog indicates an invalid memory access, but they told me it was because my RAM was bad. I ran a diagnostic, but their other suggestions were just more of the same.

    Their speedtest to their servers clearly showed congestion near *their* servers during busy market times (they must recognize this since they took the test offline immediately after I gave them the results). Yet they blame my fiber optic connection, saying I need a new ISP even though two independent speed show I have 5 times more bandwidth to NY, NY during busy market times than their test showed.

    They kept trying to find problems with my system, so out of exasperation I built a new duplicate system with the same performance specifications (Phenom II 4 core at 3.2 Ghz, but new system was ATI instead of Nvidia, Vista instead of XP, etc.).

    Guess what... same crash at market opening on the new system.

    They say I'm the only one having this problem, but I've seen posts showing this not to be the case.

    I notice that there are no negative reviews of them under the broker section, then discovered you can't post a review unless you are registered and have posted >30 times elsewhere on the system... Hmm...

    Anyways, I'm sad because I grew to know Lightspeed's platform. I was only trading 100 shares becasue of the risk of crashes, but even so was making money. I just can't trade seriously and with confidence when I don't know when it is going to crash. I've stuck with Lightspeed anyways, but they aren't showing any signs that they have a grasp of the problem, and their attitude twoards customers bites big time.

    Can anybody recommend a broker that would work for me? My style requires fast, smooth on-time data with no delays getting my order out and getting confirmations back. 30 seconds is a long term position for me.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions! :)
  2. sun170


    Assents platform called Anvil can be configured to almost any lightspeed configuration.
  3. I trade using Lightspeed and I rarely have any problems.
  4. assent does not accept foreign accounts
  5. Kool! I am happy for you. I wish I were as lucky, as I thot LS was everything I wanted. But do you have a reply that answers my question? You might as well have said, "I like pizza"... the response does not address the solution that sadly I now require. :(
  6. Thanks for the timely reply. That is a solution I have not considered.

    I'm a little concerned with the mixed feelings I see from those who have traded with them.

    I will check them out further though. :)
  7. Their site says it (the site) is intended for those in the States, but I see a note that hints at some other countries being allowed. I need to ask them to make sure.

    Thanks very much for the reply! :)
  8. Why dont you go with rei plus ( bright trading ) or laser software
    Laser is supposed to be preety fast too.
  9. Great! Thanks for the suggestion. I need all the alternatives that I can find.

    It is amazing to me that there are sooo many traders and so few brokers that really address all of the issues. I would think that a broker that really has its act together would mop up the competition.
  10. Again, thanks.

    Somehow I thot bright was a prop house... am I wrong?
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