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Discussion in 'Automated Trading' started by davegarratt, Jun 22, 2010.

  1. Greetings!
    I'm hoping you might know more than the average brokerage techy. I'm sure you do. A few have told me their firms could do what I'm wanting, but later they told me- no way Jose- err, Dave.
    I want to be able to place a trade after the market closes to enter, say 1% off the Open the next morning, either to go long or short. I'm trading the same stock day after day, and since I my job pulls me away at times, I'm not always around to place those trading paremeters. Not to bad mouth, but just so you know, I have already pursued Trade Station with their Easy Language and Interactive Brokers. No fluffy dice. Thanks much for your help.
  2. Ummm... so you want to place a BUY/SELL right at the open using the opening price?

    You'll have to do it right after the 1st print.

    What avenues did you try exactly?
    Not sure what you've been told through TradeStation/EL or what resources you looked into but its possible because I do something similar via Tradestation.
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    Any decent platform, including TradeStation will let you enter an order to be executed next day. You don't need easylanguage for that. You can also attach a stop loss and/or a profit order, just by using the order bar. Not sure why you think it's not possible. TradeStation will let you specify an offset from the current value. True, if you want to use the next day's opening print, you will have to use easylanguage, and wait for the first bar (be it 1 min or otherwise) to close.