Who can beat my Download speed?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by WhiteOut56, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. I take it you found a PC in NYC?
  2. I don't know why I feel like posting this but man I have never seen anything that fast
  3. that's crazy, whiteout, what service do you have? how much do you pay? are you in NYC?

    i'm in NYC and use Verizon DSL.

    here's mine, but i don't trade with it, well sometimes, for swing trades.
  4. Wow. Can you do it again? Or was it a fluke?
  5. That's pretty quick!!!!!!!

    I have a 300mbit line and each computer is throttled down to 100mbit so unless you want to see a speedtest that shows 100/100 i'll spare you.

    Would love to know where you ended up!

    EDIT: Why isn't it even? Is your DL speed always faster than your UL speed?

    Also, try pingtest.net or, from the command prompt, Start, Run, cmd <enter> (or hold down the start menu/windows key + R key at the same time

    From command prompt type "ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx" (where x is your quote/execution server's IP addy)

    Most people I know have never really sustained over 25mbits of bandwidth and on rare events (like May6th) have spiked to 45-50mbits down so you have plenty of bandwidth there - hopefully you have the latency to match
  6. Also, on your server, set your page file to auto, adjust system performance to "best performance" and turn of Themes in the management tab - it'll be faster.

    Right click on my comp, properties, advanced tab (or in W7 Advanced Sys Settings on left), Advanced tab, Performance-Settings button, adjust for best performance - next - advanced tab within performance options, change Virtual Memory, Make sure its set for "auto manage" and "system managed page file size"


    right click on My Computer, Manage (run as administrator if needed), double click/expand Services and Applications, Double click/expand Services, find and double click Themes, Startup Type: Disabled, Service Status: Stop...

  7. Bob111


    bs...OP did hide all the info for a reason..i did run couple tests in this web site..results vary by as much as 80% and they depend on hosting server..another free shitty service...or could be a speed on network..dunno the details,but i've seen even higher reports from guys who trade from middle of siberia. based on data from same website, OP mentioned..

  8. 14 secs for a movie mwahaha! that MPAA's worst nightmare:cool:
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    Unless you spend all nights long downloading high definition movies, it is not the raw speed but latency that matters... and even more so consistent latency,

    When you request a Web-page it normally under 100kb including images and scripts. However, a typical Web-page contains 40 additional images, or other downloads.

    Assuming a bizzare scenario that every image takes 40ms to load (which is ovewrly optimistic) but only when an image is loaded, it triggers loading the next image, we see that a simple web-page (like google search) takes over 1.5 seconds to load. The same happens to market data.

    If you want snappy internet you need low latency. Raw speed is irrelevant unless you do file-sharing on a large scael.
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