who can authenticate my records?

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  1. I am preparing to be a part-time trading consultant after my retirement. Who can provide authentication for my trading records? Do brokers have such service? Or maybe ET can provide the last piece of authenticity for my trades.
  2. You need a CTA to audit the records.

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    I think you can also get a letter from your broker stating your record.
  4. arent you the guy who was going to max out his credit cards to get trading capital not long ago? how much of a record could you have?.

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    Use credit line to buy stocks
    I have 80% chance of growing the conservative portion of my investment 18% every year. Now this credit card company approved me a $100,000 credit line at 10%. Should I take money out of this line and invest in the market? How can I avoid the cash advance charge (2 to 5%?)? Noweven if I decide to use this credit line, I need to establish another line to roll on, any suggestion on a better line?


  5. Yes, using credit cards to invest in stocks is usually a bad idea.

    The way QDZ posed his "should I use my credit" made him seem as if he was a fiend on a losing streak. If QDZ had actually been on a massive winning streak, then using credit to increase earning potential could be a rational deicsion. I don't know what kind of streak he was on when I replied to ODZ's credit question.
  6. Try a CPA ...
  7. Send em to me - I'll authenticate em for ye.
    I've got a plumlazy authenticatin seal of approval around here somewhere. Probably won't take me more than a day or two to find it amongst the rest of the rubble.

    First I'll have ta judge whether or not they is approvable. That ort not take more than about five or ten minutes.
    If they is approvable, unprovable or improvable - then I'll have em back to ya, stamped with the plumlazy seal of approvability, unprovability or improvability in no more than six working weeks.

    The only fee or charge is: that you agree not start any threads with any dumbass questions or any stupidassed polls (ie: what effect will mars exploration or the super bowl have on the stockmarket tomorrow?)
    for no less than two years. Think ya can handle it!


    plumlazy's authenticity services extraordinare
  8. Hello, v. Thanks for bringing this up again. Tell you what, I have to thank the decision I made. I got the loan and went long in market. I am so glad I did it. Because I made money on money based on right rational decisions. Hope you will do the same in the near future. God bless us all.

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  10. now thats funny from taking money off credit card to retiring. how much could you made in a few months. do you think you might seem a little crazy?
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