Who buys the crap on trader monthly?

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  1. Who are these traders that spend $20,000 on a bottle of whiskey or 60,000 on a stupid watch I live in Chicago and I have never met such people in my life!!!

    And who reads a Magazine that is 70% watch and jet adds for $10 anyhow!!!???
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    Well, apparently you do. :)
  3. I knew someone was gonna say that!

    Got it for free!! :)
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    Obviously you aren't drinking in the right places. Try going to Cactus. Ask them if they have any 20k bottles of whiskey.

    As far as the people who pay 10 bucks a month to read that rag....they are the same people who went long Crude Oil at 145 and haven't gotten out yet.
  5. FYI subscribing to it is free. I"m on the free subscription plan and I do get mild amusement out of the magazine, more than I can find on ET, so it's not all that bad.
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    I know. I get the rag mailed to me free also. Anyone who is a trader (or claims to be) can get it for free. The suckers who pay 10 bucks on the newstand are the ones I was referring to.

    About 10% of that magazine is worth reading. The rest is garbage. Although they shredded that Sykes asshole pretty good so I guess I am a fan of them in some sense.
  7. Uh...Eric Bolling comes to mind...he does NOT live in Chicago...and he makes at least $5 mill per year.
    There are many like him....too bad you are not one of "them".
    They all read "Trader Magazine".
  8. I Believe Eric Bolling has better things to do than purchase 20K scotch bottles. But if he does more power to him I just think there are better ways to spend money.
  9. Well...I read Tim's book....and it was quite UN-revealing....almost DECEIVING.
    However, in viewing his posts on this forum, the guy's a true con.
    Again and again, I kept asking Tim why he blew that huge wad on that internet transaction company....especially AFTER all of the year 2000 blow-ups.
    Answer: NO RESPONSE.
    Boy, that Jew-boy had gotten "taken".
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    As has all ready been stated, you'd never pay for it, but for free it has a good article/story in almost every issue, the rest is hilarious to me. I'd drive the cars they get to test ride, and fly the planes as I'm an avaiation nut and pilot, but don't give a crap about watches, jewelry, fancy condos, etc. Hey I wish all mags. made enough off ads to give them away. I currently get ~8 mags free at home and don't read them all cover to cover, but I read parts of all of them. Information Week, SFO, Advanced Trading, Wall Street Technology, Sporting News(at least for another 2 months free), and a few others I can't even remember the names of right now. I wish IBD was free!
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