Who bought gold at $1200 and sold at $1800?

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  1. Gold you can buy 100,000,000 million worth of gold and sell it for $150,000,000 profit.

    penny stocks and daytrading stocks or daytrading futures no way you can make $50,000,000 in one trade. or short term trading illiquid stocks or options. because there is not enough money on the table to take in some stocks or contracts known as money on the table. or pot like they say in the casino. or lottery.

    you have three years to buy it.
  2. I bought silver at 14
  3. awesome trade.
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    100,000,000 million equals 100,000,000,000,000. That's $100 trillion.

    Be serious, dude.

    Here's your first-class ticket from Zurich to South Africa, you uber rich dude. Enjot your flight!

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    I got head by Amelia Earhart.
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    You make zero sense because you cannot make $50m profit day trading in Gold just like as you point out you cannot make $50m day trading any stock.

    But you can make $50m+ buying Gold and holding for several weeks or months.

    Just like you can make $50m+ buying some stock and hold it for several weeks or months.
  7. You can make that with 20,000 lots on an outlier day (obviously not most days), not many markets can will be deep enough to day trade that much but there are some.
  8. Does this count? I bought GLD 7/31 170 call for 1.65.
    Sold it for 3.15. 91 % profit in 4 days! The really cool thing is that it is at 7.00 right now... :banghead:
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    I wish I would have bought at 1200 lol....I did not. put on some option spreads around 1600.
    My model been showing buy signals only for past 3 months or so

  10. Why only 3 years? I see a 3 decade bull run for gold. Wouldn't suprise me if gold went to 4000 before the S&P 500 did.
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