Who bought congress?

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    MAPLight.org: New Web Site Reveals Money and Politics Links in New Ways
    Submitted by Michele Horaney on Tuesday, Mar 16th, 2010
    BERKELEY, CA, March 16, 2010 – MAPLight.org, the award-winning nonpartisan, nonprofit research organization dedicated to illuminating the connection between money and politics, has launched a new web site which shines the light of transparency and accountability in powerful ways as never before.

    The new site is being launched during Sunshine Week, a nonpartisan, national initiative to open a dialogue about the importance of open government and freedom of information.

    MAPLight.org users will find on the new site robust tools to

    •illuminate how money aligns with votes
    •reveal data on individual legislators and how much money they have received from industry and organizations
    •expose specific contributions to persons, by parties, by committee, and within date ranges
    and important and vital features including

    •a new U.S. Congress research blog
    •a powerful search engine
    You can see a list of what’s new on our website, examples of MAPLight.org’s findings about money and votes on our ‘Spotlight on Congress’ blog, and use of our data in the news.