Who attacked UN observer station?

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  1. Maybe we should look at the analysis by someone not as biased as us?
    The original text is in Chinese. This is an editorial in a Chinese newspaper. I won't try to translate the whole thing. It first explained that Israel has no motive to attack the UN station. It then laid out two possible scenarios:

    1. Lower level Israeli officer who disobeyed order in order to escalate the conflict.

    2. Hezbola induced Israel targeting.

    "[Hezbola's] are especially innovative in their choices of training camps, weapons depots, and firing positions for attacking Israel. They always choose densely populated villages, particularly those with Christians, or positions next to UN stations. Their strategy is not hit and run, but to attract Israeli return fire to others.

    There have been many such incidents. An extreme example happened on April 18, 1996. The background was: Israel's "Agnry Grape" military action to punish Hezbola's rocket attacks to Israel was nearing the end. UN security council was about to vote on the 1052 resolution calling for cease fire. An Israeli artilary shell directly hit a UN peacekeeper cafeteria, killing 106 Lebanese sheltered there. They hoped for UN protection, but died in the UN camp.

    The whole world condemned Israel. Israeli's Arab voters did not forgive the Peres government for slaughtering their Arab brothers. In the election 40 days later, more than 100,000 Arab voters did not cast their votes for Peres as promised, giving Netenyahu a surprise victory by 20,000 votes.

    In the investigation afterwards, it was discovered that the Hezbola rocket launchers were only meters from the cafeteria walls. Israeli soldiers complained that they were returning fire according to the tracking of the incoming rockets.

    Similar incidents happened more than once during the Lebanon war. The Chinese engineering battalion of the UN peacekeeper troop had complained that Hezbola purposely placed their rocket sites very close to the UN positions.

    Obviously, inducing Israeli fire towards civilian and UN targets, to place Isael in an imoral and undefendable position, is Hezbola's expertise. It may even be their primary objective of the war."