Who at ET trades for a living?

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  1. Do you trade for a living?

    The criteria is:

    Do you actually trade for 3+ hours a day. Or derive the majority of your income (meaning you're profitable) from the markets (investments).

    If you're a beginner or simply have a passing interest in the economy or the markets or have a regular day job, select 'no'.
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    *raises hand*
  3. Sushi


    If they don't have rich wife or one with good job or live with parents 0R very large account via inheritance settlement. Etc. And they trade for a living they are poverty level. Really sad
  4. Have trade fx for 20 years full time.

    First 13 years for banks, since 2002 for my own account.
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    Let me ask you something, when you have a niche and can comfortably increase the size of your trades, how long before the compounding effect reaches a limit?
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    Yes, 11 years fulltime. Not sure what the odds of making it are in this business. Know several traders that are successful fulltime but know many more who have tried and given up.
  7. hausse


    Full time since about 20 years. Hugely lucky at start then lean years with lessons and pain then systems-based breakthrough, now mix of approaches and instruments, moving from mechanical to discretionary.

    I never traded for a living but for a fortune. This point I personally find important. I mainly trade commodities and other futures medium to long term, also stocks and bonds. A bit of day trading on the side.

    I'd say that simple tends to work best even though it is such a platitude.
  8. I trade for leaving.
  9. I have been trading for 10 years and this isn't always true. I started right out of high school and traded all the way through college, without assistance from my parents or a huge inheritance.

    I started doing odd jobs at a young age and banked 90% of it, so when I started I had just about 30k in my account.
  10. And you do??....Certainly not evident from your comments.

    For the benefit of others , yes I do ...along with trading/investing our Roths in the equity market.

    Most of the time in ES and some trading in Yen and Euro.

    During summer I trade part time as I focus my time on my kid and his golf tournaments...have to trade profitably otherwise he won't be playing:eek: :eek:
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